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All About Indian Share Market

NSE (National Stock Exchange) BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) are two main and biggest players (Government Bodies) of Indian Share market or Indian Stock market.SEBI(Stock Exchange Board of India) controls and supervise the operations of Indian share market .These days there is wide craze or interests in NSE trading or investing in share market.It is not an easy task to identify profitable stocks.People are showing vital interest in large cap. stocks, mid cap. stocks and mini cap. stocks.Large stocks or penny stocks are not profitable always.These days there is a large demand of stock portfolios. Sai stock provides to its clients a best stock portfolio management services that generates great profit or revenue for saistock's clients.

Lets now talk about NSE Market Trading There are mainly three types of trading in Indian Share Market that is Stock Cash Market Trading , Stock Future trading, Stock Option Trading

The People trade for some hours or day trading is known as intraday trading.People hold stocks for 2-3 days , such technique or type of trading is known as delivery trading or carry forward.Trading or carry forward for long term e.g 1 year or 2 year or above is known as investing, and the people do such trading are known as Investors.

Genuinely, traders take help from candles and charts or graphs for preparing trading strategies and it is not mmuch effective technique. The successful investors have their own investing strategies.They do not give much weightage to such ordinary method. They focus on market news,companies profiles, companies's future plans,current actions plans,companies working strategies,govt. policies, scope of company's products in current and future market, background of companies,financial status and statements of companies from past,present and future.Wise and successful investors never trades with emotion.They always focus on stock market.They are very careful about choosing stocks while preparing their trading portfolios.

Best Intraday Tips

The traders or investors those have not much knowledge about indian share market,sai stock providing them best intraday trading tips.Sai stock has wide experience in indian stock market.Sai stock is providing best Nse tips services because we are focusing on the Nse stock market since it is started.

Mostly we provides intraday stock tips, carry forward stock tips or delivery stock tips,long term profit generating stock tips,medium term stock tips,short term stock tips.

Single Target Nse Tips

Sai stock provides share market tips or Nse tips,with one target mostly,in some cases we provides share tips with two targets.We always provide a specific stop loss. we adviced traders to strictly follow stop loss.

Minimal Stop Loss Tips

Sai stock provides best Nse tips with minimal stop loss e.g If we provide intraday share tips with 10 point target then Sl may be 1-2 points, which means our is always lower than target. Genuinely stop loss varies 15 to 40% of the target figure.

How to get profit form Nse Share Tips

Sai Stock recommends following instructions to yeild out profit from every call:
1. Always enter in the call at recommended price. You may adjust 0.10-0.20 points.
2. Be present at your trading plateform till the call is active.
3. Strictly follow profit booking instructions.Genuinely, we asked booking some profit ,it means you need to book more than 60% of your shares. if you are trading in single lot then you need to book this lot.
4. Once you book profit, If price gives riverse movement you should exit at the price,which you entered.

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