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Day Trading Secrets in Nse Share Market in India

Best 11 Day trading secrets for online & off line traders

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Intraday Trading Secrets in Nse Market

  • Do not trade without stop loss. The First and foremost rule, don't every do day trading without puting your stop loss, and don't every changed the stop loss during the day.
  • Intraday traders and day traders should does not forget to square up his all positions before 20 minutes of market close i.e. 03:10 pm as Nse market closes at 03:30. Square up your all position, especially if you have any short position in cash segment. Please square up before closing the market around 3.05 p.m. to 3.10 p.m.
  • In cash market if you don’t square your positions, the stock will go in auction and you will suffer huge loss in day trading.
  • If you earn good profit we advise do not carry forward the position for tomorrow but lock your profit by squaring off the positions.
  • Do remember not to trade on rumours; intraday trading should only on be traded on technical’s in stock market. Do not trade in on rumours.
  • When the market open online traders are requested watch the market & nifty first 20 to 30 minutes and decide the trend. Trade according to market trend only. We also advise traders to learn intraday trading techniques first before they start day trading in live market. Trader can also take help of the online day trading share tips provider like saistocks.in.
  • Do not over trade beyond your capacity. Market opens every day so don’t ever try to make money in one day.
  • Don’t put your all capital in one trade or in one sector even though you are too confident. Keep a daily limit to your intraday trading capital and trades in Nse market, if you will do more trading your broker will earn more and not you.
  • If you are off line day traders don’t forget to put stop loss on your trades with you share broker.
  • Don’t trade just because you want to trade, If the Nse market trend is not clear, avoid to trade, Nse will open all week days except the public holiday so you can plan you trades using the technical’s the next trading day.
  • If you are trading with Intraday exposure please do not use all margin because If the trade is in not favour your broker will ask for more margin or square up your position without asking you and will suffer huge loss on your trades.

Day trading strategy for Success

Day trading Secrets Exposed

We have exposed day trading secrets in nse stock market. We hope if day traders in nse market follow our all of the above Eleven day trading strategy / secrets, they will get good profit and will earn money on daily basis in share market. Nse market is a sea of money and we want all day traders to earn money from the market.

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