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Why Intraday Trading is the best trading for small investors.

Intraday Trading is the best trading for small investors. In Day trading all share brokers / broking companies gives 5 times to 10 times intraday exposure on the capital that a traders has in his demat account. This intraday exposure enables Investors to trade in huge quantities even if he has small capital in share market. When the day trade is in his favor he is likely to get fantastic profit in his day trading.

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Advantage of Intraday Trading

Day trading if done effectively, can bring lot of money which no other business can bring in your life. There are various advantages of day trading for day traders which are as listed below.

  • Traders can trade with Low brokerage because now days there is too competition with broking companies who offer very low brokerage for Day Traders
  • Due to huge intraday exposure trader can do big trades with his Small funds.
  • Once market trend is caught properly, and trade is place accordingly, traders are sure to get nice profit.
  • There is no overnight risk, as a day traders don’t keep his positions open overnight. Now a day’s our Nse market depends upon Global market and that can be risky the other day when market opens, any bad news in international market can bring 500-1000 points fall in our market.
  • No need to fundamentals of companies, ratio’s etc, Make market trend your best friend and trade with the Trend in day trading.
  • Stop loss is very important for intraday traders, if trade goes against you, you can get exit with small loss. Don’t every average in losses and don’t change the SL (stop loss).
  • Day trading is less risky by if done with good money management, risk management and discipline.
  • At the End of the day Money will be in pocket, whereas in positional call you have to wait for month or year to hit the target.
  • Day traders earn High return due to high intraday exposure that he gets from the broker.
  • Normally traders buy first and then sell at higher prices. A Day trader can also earn by short selling the shares, and buying later in falling markets even if he does not have those shares in this portfolio. So intraday trading is suitable in both bullish trends as well as bearish trends.

Important to Remember by Day Traders

In Intraday trading if traders follows his plan, and trades with strict discipline, he can earn more profit in most of the trades. Whereas in positional call investor has wait for very long time and If stop loss triggers in positional trade, a traders has to suffer heavy loss. Also in positional trade a traders have to pay high brokerage and also his money is blocked for long time.

The main advantage of day trading there is no overnight risk of Global market and risk associated with the same. Day traders never have to worry about foreign market crises.

Small investor can trade with small capital and can earn daily money. If traders is able to manage the risk of loosing his capital, he is sure to make money in stock market

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